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DIY Marylin Monroe Bathroom Theme

So, as many of you may know, here at the Hagan estate we have A LOT of sexy beautiful women and young women.

Over the past few weeks we have been doing many DIY projects around the house. Our matriarch, Dana Hagan, has an obsession with Marilyn Monroe. She decided she wanted a Marilyn themed bathroom.

Over the past few weeks we have been collecting MANY Marilyn pictures and Marilyn objects.

We started with a wall decal to put on the wall facing the toilet.


It says, “Beneath the make up and behind the smile I’m just a girl that wishes for the world.”

Okay, so above the commode is a picture of Marilyn.


Okay, so the next piece is my favorite and it was done by my good friend Jenn Morgan

Here at The Hagan Estate we are also very big on Mod podge. 
As I said before we had been collecting MANY pictures of Marilyn, pictures of make up,  pictures of actresses that have modeled their career around Marilyn Monroe.

Jenn took the doors off of an old white armour that we had in the bathroom.  She got a sponge and put all of her favorite Marilyn pictures on it and used a VERY thin coat of mod podge on top of the pictures.


The second door she put a large picture of Marilyn, (this is important that she placed it on the right door, because your eye automatically hits that picture. )
She then repeated the steps abovK
put the cabinet doors back on the armour and she started on the top.


As I said this is my favorite piece and its also easy to do. Dana also added two Couture French Women and she hung that on the wall as well.



And then Jenn topped off the entire bathroom with a shower curtain that she made. It has different sayings on it.

She bought a clear shower curtain and then bought several wall clings with different quotes on it. They were cling on stickers so she just stuck it on the shower curtain.


Most of the wall clings were purches at Hobby Lobby. Some of them say,  “Women were made to be loved, not understood. ” “I can resist anything but temptation,”. (Oscar Wilde I know.) “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

We have a few more things we have planned for the bathroom, but that’s it for now. We hope you enjoy it!

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