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Why You Should Watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Ellie Kemper stars as the title character, who decides to make a go of it in Manhattan after being rescued from the nuclear fallout shelter she called home for 15 years. Kimmy is one of the four “Indiana mole women,” who were convinced by a fire-and-brimstone cult leader that an apocalypse had razed the earth and the shelter was the only inhabitable place left. The women head to New York City as part of the obligatory media gauntlet, and Kimmy decides to stay there, choosing to shed her past in the city’s anonymizing bustle rather than let her involvement in a news oddity define her life.

I love the undertones of The Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt. It’s about resilience, and never giving up-despite the odds being ever-so-NOT in your favor! Kimmy Scmidt makes you smile because she smiles, even though she has been through these terribly awful things. (Yes, there was some weird sex stuff that happened in the bunker,).The feminist undertones just put a huge smile on my face! “Cause females are strong as hell!”

PLEASE, give this show a chance! My only complaint is there is not more shows like this on streaming. This show was actually supposed to go to NBC, but NBC is being big dummies and decided to switch their format to only drama’s, (this is why you are in last place, and you will never be the Network you used to be!)

Kimmy Schmidt is a TOTAL winner! And so is her best friend and room mate Titus Burgess! He is HILARIOUS, and I noticed a lot of his lines are pseudo similar to Liz Lemon’s from 30 Rock, which makes me love him even more because Liz Lemon’s is one of the baddest bitches of all time!

These are the type of shows I would pay money to watch. I would not pirate these shows…take a note, Hollywood. Kimmy Schmidt made a last impression on me, and I can’t WAIT for the 2nd season!

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