My Nervous Breakdown PT. 1.

I just went to the bathroom, turned the water on, and put a wash cloth in my mouth.

I screamed, I Cried,  I pleaded like my life depended on it.

I ask God to take my pain away and to make everyone around me more empathetic.

His lack of a response warrants a concern.

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One thought on “My Nervous Breakdown PT. 1.

  1. moxyjen says:

    This reminds me of the story of Job. God like burned his house down and killed all his kids, and then covered him in boils so people couldn’t stand to be around him. But in the end he was rewarded for his faith, and not questioning God’s will. The story isn’t perfect for our current culture, because I always think “What about the kids that got killed?” But that sort of thing apparently wasn’t relevant during the time period. But I don’t think he ever asked God. He just took it. The whole God thing turns out to not be much more gentile than life. 😦


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