I’m Baaaaaack!!!!!

Hey guys! I’m alive and well. I fell off the radar but I never forgot about you guys or the stories I had for you. I was sick. I have an autoimmune disorder that is similar to lupus.  It’s an illness that causes me to love control of sensation in my body, lose control of my legs, kidney failure, and actually at one point this summer I was displaying symptoms of Alzheimer’s. I was admitted in the hospital and they ran some tests. At one point the Doctor had me see a therapist because he thought my symptoms were perhaps psychosomatic.  The therapist came in and said, “In no way is this all in your head.” And he proceeded to talk to my doctor about running some more tests. The doctor just couldn’t connect the dots. So, I was discharged and I left feeling not only worse than before, but I was wondering if maybe I had made it all up! Afterall, I had been under a great amount of stress at the time!

A few days after being released a really good friend of mine, Brandy Sharp came over to check on me. Brandy suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. Have you ever met a criminal that knows a lot about the law? People that are sick know a lot about medicine. On top of having a lot of medical classes, Brandy has had to stay informed with medical dictionaries because her life depends on it.

So, Brandy looks at my lab work and it  turns out that my blood work was continuously showing, (for the past SEVEN years), that I had a deficiency that can cause all the symptoms I was having. I took this information to the doctor and the doctor confirmed. 

Unfortunately I do have permanent damage to my body from years of going untreated from this illness. And I was in a deep and dark and scary depression that I had to fight my way out of. I’ve been doing s lot of cool things and I can’t wait to share them with you!  Many more posts to come in a few! I’m still alive!!!

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3 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaack!!!!!

  1. Kimber Dick says:

    I look forward to following your blog. I hope you will follow mine, as I am getting it set up right now. Should be ready in next couple days ❤


  2. moxyjen says:

    I guess you have that cool keyword thing, so I found it. I’m sooooooo glad you had a competent therapist! Mine said it didn’t look like a psych problem at first and then when they couldn’t figure it out she didn’t advocate for me. She flopped! It’s also inspiring to hear that sometimes things work out somehow. 🙂


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