Gay Marriage- The New Commitment

The time to act is now. One tiny act of courage can change our entire movement. 
I stand for gay marriage for a few reasons:

1. Because they do deserve the same survivors benefits that’s I’m entitled to being married to Trent. If you are in a commited relationship you deserve to be in charge of that persons estate if they pass.

2.  A commited relationship is a full time job and if you want to stand in front of your entire family and declare your love for that person then you should be able to

3. Because my love for Trent is no better than anyone else’s love. Love is love. There is so much hate in this world and if someone is ready to choose to express the act of love there is nothing more beautiful and I bless them.

I guess what I’ve realized is I love my time on this earth, but I know that its limited. And I know that I want to see something major happen with the little time I have left with the thing I care about the most….what I’m trying to say is…if you aren’t with me on this one thing…you are against me. This one thing is a whole world of things to me. Because I know what its like to have rights denied to me. Its not too late. Its not too late. I love each and every one of you, you are all so special. 

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