Stonewall Riots, The Beginning but Not The End of a Movement


In 1969 there were not many places where young gay men and women had a place where they could come together to be gay men and women. Most states, including New York, had many laws prohibiting men and women doing things that were considered supposed publicly leud behavior.

The Stonewall Inn, a bar in Greenwich Village was the place in which gay men and women could go to be gay men and women.

One night in June of 1969, cops raided The Stonewall Inn. Only this time, gay men and women fought back. They were tired of being bullied, tired of the harassment,  so when the cops lined each man and woman up in a line, (like they used to do in concentration camps,) a very stylish transsexual took their shoe off and started going to town on these cops!

A fight broke out and gay men and women throughout the village were screaming, “Gay Power!” and screaming, and singing, “We Shall Overcome,” and damn it – they looked good!

Right across the street was a local publication entitled, The Village  Voice. The Village Voice spread the news throughout the community of what was happening.

The riot actually lasted days, and it was the beginning of the gay rights movement. After Stonewall, LGBT groups sprang up in every large city in the country, all demanding one thing – equality.

We have come a long way, but we are not there yet. If we don’t keep fighting for same benefits as everyone else, then the work that our gay grandparents did would have been in vain.

My question over the next few days is, how do we make these people proud of us?

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