Scarf and Hat Girl

She wore a scarf and hat. It was a long rainbow scarf. Her shirt said, “You had me at Shalom.”
I haden’t planned on going out that night. Little did I know I had been involved in my friends evil plot of setting me up.
It turns out Mae’s dad had just suffered a really serious stroke and Mae wasn’t leaving the house. I just wanted to stay home and watch The Deadliest Catch.
“You should meet my friend Mae,” Steven said. The one thing anyone can tell you is, I am really awkward when talking to women. But little did I know, she was even more awkward talking to men.
“Can I touch your beard?” It was the first thing she said to me. But little did I know it would change my life. She was so uncomfortable in her own skin, yet so cool and guarded. A mystery that I wanted to take part in solving.
But it was when she started talking about Tony Blair that I became enamored. She talked about his lack of integrity and how she used to have so much respect for him until he started supporting The Bush Administration.  The talk of Tony Blair quickly turned into Bob Woodward and I couldn’t believe how much this chick new her politics! And she was really sweet and funny and I liked her.
A one hour talk quickly turned into five until we were closing the bar down.
I didn’t want her to go! But I couldn’t ask her back to my apartment.  This was not a girl you fucked. This was worth pursuing on a deeper level.
“I have to go, but will you be back tomorrow night? ”
“Will you?” She asked. I smile at the thought.

The next night I waited on pins in needles to see if she would show up. Since that next night we havent spent more than two days apart.

My life with Mae has not been all flowers and roses. We have a real marriage and we have to work at it everyday. Its been a rollercoaster, but she makes it all worth while and I love her everyday for coming back to that bar, for touching my beard, for loving me when I can’t love myself.

She had me at Tony Blair.

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