Beating The Heat

First and foremost let me just say that I don’t do heat. I have no filter and I start losing my damn mind. Which is why I have recently been taking my time away from everyone on Facebook. Well, one of the reasons.

So, Monday Trent was at work and a woman came in and said, “Can I use your phone?” And Trent said, “If course!” He hands her the phone and she dials 911! She says, “Help me! They’ve kidnapped me and are holding me hostage at The Jumping Jacks!” The cops come and swarm Trent’s store! Swarm his store!

The next day Trent’s identical twin brother was taken into surgery for an emergency colostomy.  The same thing his sister had surgery on three weeks ago. They are only 29! That’s weird, right?

So, that night as the surgery was taken place I sat there and I held Trent’s hand and I worried.

The thing is-
Here’s the thing-
Some of the things they say about twins I have found are true. Trent wasn’t acting right that whole day. When I asked him about it he said that he felt off. Like something was missing.

I felt the worst for his wife though because I totally understood her fear. The uncertainty of everything and really not knowing what is going to happen. I told her that night that I thought she was strong and I heard the sadness in her voice when she said that she really just wanted him to be home with her.

While the twins share a bond, only her and I will ever know the pain in the ass it is to be married to an identical twin.

For instance, the number one thing people ask me when they find out I’m married to an identical twin is-
do you ever get them confused?

lmao! And when people ask this question they always get this super concerned look on their face.

The answer is no-no I’m not retarded. 

My second favorite question is- do they ever try and switch places on you?

To which I respond- No. Do you ever try and fuck your brothers wife?

So, I’m really worried about his brother too. I hope he is going to be okay.

The thing is- this heat really is a fucking downer. It makes people more aggressive, and that’s the number one reason why I’ve been staying off of Facebook.  Sometimes people cruise my page that don’t know me and since it’s been hot they’ve been saying some pretty crazy things.  I even had some person say that they were going to slap me! Why the fuck are you mentally abusing me on Facebook when you don’t even know me? Didn’t you know only my friends and family are allowed to do that? 

On a more serious note I do need to go to my doctor. I don’t have insurance and I’ve been putting off the treatment of my disease. I have early onset Parkinson’s Disease. I –
am scared. I know I haven’t been taking care of myself. There are meds that I need to be on and I don’t take them because I can’t afford them. And – I ccant ignore the fact that it does effect my work.

The big wake up call for me ( other than the fact that everyone was pointing out the shaking) I was lying down the other night and I went to get up and I couldn’t move my legs! I said,”Trent! My legs won’t move! ” Trent started to call 911 and I told him no. Fuck no! What’s the point? I don’t have insurance anyways, and the last time I was there they talked to me like I was trash! Who the fuck wants to be talked down when they are feeling that bad?

And the truth is – I am feeling bad. I’m confused and afraid most of the time but I just keep putting it off because I tell myself Ill be fine.

But my quality of life is going down every week I go untreated.  Does anyone know of any doctors that will treat me?

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