5 Reasons Why Lisa Brown Should Be Free To Use The Word Vagina

         A day ago Representative Lisa Brown of Michigan was banned for using the term vagina by Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas.
        “Finally,Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina,but no means no.” The comments were in reference to a series of bills regulating abortion being discussed on the House floor, including a provision that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless a woman’s life was in danger.
       There are more reasons that I can count as to why this was completely ridiculous, but right now I’m going to give you 5.

1. Representative Lisa Brown was talking about abortion. Where does a woman have a procedure like abortion? Her vagina.

2. It was a man who found it offensive. A rich white man. It isn’t going to be Jim Stamas that had to make the decision to have an abortion. It is going to be a woman.
3. Men have a long history of silencing women. This is what our Grandmother’s fought against. The suffragists fought for our right to have a VOICE. Representative Lisa Brown was using hers.
4. Majority Floor Leader Jim Stamas CAME FROM A VAGINA!
5. She didn’t say pussy, stabin cabin, fuzzy taco, air pipe, beaver, coochie, muffin, peach, snatch, hot pocket, bajingo, CUNT- she said VAGINA- A medical term.

What it boils down to is she was talking about abortion and a Republican had the opportunity to kick her off the floor and he grabbed it. Now, whether you are pro choice or pro life you should be HEATED!  We ALL are guaranteed the right to freedom of speech. That’s all I have to say for now – what are your thoughts?

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One thought on “5 Reasons Why Lisa Brown Should Be Free To Use The Word Vagina

  1. Beth says:

    I find it funny that a man was offened by the word vagina. The only men I can think of that are repulsed by the word are gay me…maybe…who knows, but I’ll say vagina all day long over all of the derogitory words that is has been called in the past!


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