Gay Marriage- The New Seperate But Equal

So, I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind and kind of stays on my mind. Gay marriage. 
When I first moved to Kentucky I was a Junior in high school. I knew even as a Junior in high school that there were things happening in society that didn’t set well with me. The main thing I wanted to change was the fact that gays were not allowed the same rights as me.  It seemed very strange to me that they were still seen as second class citizens and we are supposed to be this progressive society,  yet we still were holding onto Jim Crowe laws from the 60’s.
I think the main thing that bothers me is that we all know someone that is gay. Why should they not be able to share their lives with someone and share the same benefits as me?
The year was 2003 and a bill had been introduced into Congress that would ban in the state of Kentucky the right chance for gays to have the right to marriage. At the time I had friends that would say to me, why bother? We live in Kentucky. Kentucky is made up of Bible thumpers….blah blah blah
But the idealistic child in me just heard a bunch of whining. Afterall, how can we change something if even the people that think the same way as you-all don’t want to help fight against the assholes that are trying to put these hate filled laws into motion?
I sat out to work on No on the Amendment. It was the first election of many that I was to work on, but to this day its the one Campaign that really still bothers me.
So, here I am. Its almost ten Years later, and this idealistic child still feels the same way. There are injustices that are very similiar to civil injustices of the 1960’s that are still plaguing us as a society today.
A very good friend of mine, Jody Rich was saying that it was his one year anniversary with his partner, and for his one year anniversary all he wanted to do was have a commitment ceremony with his partner. TRENTON AND I WEREN’T EVEN MARRIED A YEAR BEFORE WE WERE MARRIED! DOES THAT SEEM FAIR AT ALL?!?
I guess what bugs me the most is there are benefits they are being denied that most take for granted.  I love my husband very much and I couldn’t imagine anyone being able to step in and say, “You can not marry this man because you are CHOOSING to live this lifestyle.”
Over the next few days I would really love to explore this topic with you. Afterall, it is pride month. I would like to invite my LGBT friends and family on here to talk about this further.  I know this is a sensitive topic for many of you, but don’t we owe it to ourselves? Its not too late to right a wrong. I owe it to the 15 year old girls that still resides somewhere inside of me.


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5 thoughts on “Gay Marriage- The New Seperate But Equal

  1. Does this “marriage equality” extend to polygamy, pedophilia, or incest?


  2. Jody Rich says:

    You forgot bestiality or necrophilia in your tired old list of Things Idiots Wrongly Compare To Homosexuality. Really, do try to be more thorough in your bigotry.


  3. The point of the question was to show that the same reasoning used in this post could serve as justification for the inclusion of any number of other desired relationships under the label of marriage.


  4. upcloseanduncomfortable says:

    Yes, and I’m saying that the first thing you went to was pedophilia. That’s not something that you think is weird. Pairing homosexuals rights to that of pedophiles? That’s not weird?


  5. You are missing the point of my raising the question which was to show that, without further qualification, the reasoning of the original post is untenable. What is the definition of marriage in your view?


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