Dana Hagan Turns Farts Into Perfume

         Has anyone noticed how hard it is to make friends as an adult? Most of my friends I met in college, however, with most of them off at grad school and starting families I’ve been feeling kind of alone. So, I try and make new friends. Problem is- the only people you meet as adults are at church or bars. So you either have to hang out with people that don’t match your political views or total stinking drunks!
        I have lucked out though; Over the past year I have made a friend in my sister in law Dana. If you meet Dana- you can’t help but love her. She’s this really strong, funny, beautiful woman, and she’s so exciting you find yourself holding on to every word she says.
       The first time I met Dana Trent was bringing her over to the house. Trent had said Dana was his favorite sister so there was all this pressure on me to make her like me. Well, she walks in and it’s like a complete breath of fresh air. She smiles and is saying, “Hi, my name is Dana!” And I remember she had these beautiful shoes and this amazing tan and she just wasn’t afraid to be herself. I remember she kept looking at me like, why isn’t she saying anything back? The truth was- I was really nervous! I really wanted her to like me!
      Over the next few years I got to know Dana even better. She had these amazing funny friends, and these beautiful children. And she had this fascinating love life. But what I loved the most was – what you see is what you get with Dana. Dana looks out for you and she really does want the best for all of her friends.
       Dana not only treated me like a friend, but I also was given the same respect from Dana as a sister. I never had a sister and when you grow up in a house full of boys, a sister is the best thing ever! In fact I went from not even knowing how to match a t-shirts with jeans to knowing how to color coordinate a cute, stylish outfit.
      But the thing about sisters is- sometimes we fight. Sometimes I don’t even know why, but we do. But we always manage to find our way back to each other. This past time we had gone on vacation together and gotten into this huge fight and I didn’t think we were going to ever make up. We stopped talking to each other and everything just really
… sucked.
        I don’t know if I also explained that Dana and I also live very close to each other. Like I live in the apartment above Dana’s. Well a few weeks ago I had found out that I was laid off. I had also found out that Dana had some random ass hole Robert Downey Jr. her ass.
       Dana and the kids weren’t home one night and Trent and I was. Well, some guy came in through the front door and he was drunk and he passed out in Dana’s bed! The kids found him the next morning! How scary is that?
        But as scary as the story was I couldn’t help but laugh. It was something that would ONLY happen to Dana! And I had just been laid off a few hours before that, so, everything in my body was saying, YOU NEED TO TALK TO DANA! So, I did. It was weird and awkward but if felt like home.
        The next week I had went to call Dana and her friend had answered. She said they were taking Dana into emergency surgery and that there was an infection in her body. Trent and I went to the hospital and we waited patiently while the doctor came out and explained what was happening.  The doctor told us Dana was going to need all our help because the recovery from her surgery was pretty intense.
          Dana has never had to depend on anyone. In fact, most people end up depending on her.
        They wheeled Dana out of surgery and she still managed to look fabulous! Her hair was twisted to the side and she had these beautiful long orange nails. I said, “Hey,  rockstar!” We both  started to cry, and she said, “Hey. Come give me a hug.” I was afraid to though, I thought I was going to hurt her!
         Over the past week Dana was still Dana! Even though she was recovering from this intense surgery she still came up with the idea of having a scavenger hunt for one of her friends birthdays! It was awesome! 
         Dana comes home tomorrow and while this is really scary it is also really exciting too. I’m looking forward to having a diet buddy, and to having my sister back.


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